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Tesler App Scam Review


Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Tesler App review! It’s still very new yet suspicious indeed. You will pick up the telltale signs the moment you watch the video presentation on the Tesler App website. To start with, this man called Steven Abraham is a big liar whose presentation doesn’t make any sense. Of course when we see these things, we cannot agree with him further that this Tesler App scam can make $208 per hour. That is just a form of deceit that is aimed at fooling naïve people who have no understanding of how the market works. Unfortunately, if you’re one of them, then it becomes disappointing to learn that the financial market can never make you rich overnight. It will take time and the right trading app as well, not Tesler App software – whose name has been stolen from a US-based car manufacturer, Tesla.

The sad news is that the these scams exist simply because they are successful. The Tesler software will not earn a single penny. Instead every single one persons will lose their entire investment. We’ve seen it happen countless times before and this makes it essential to get word out immediately that the Tesler Technology is nothing but a dangerous, exploitative scam. This Tesler App review will pull no punches in demonstrating quite how evil this scam trading system is.

Website: tesler.co

The Tesler App Review – Software Exposed! 

It’s safe to say that 99% of people unfortunate enough to find themselves approached by the Tesler trading system will see right through it. This is a very low rent scam and even total newbies should realize that the entire system is utterly bogus. Yet that still leaves the 1% of people who may fall victim, and for that reason alone it’s essential we make it clear immediately that the Tesler App is founded on a web of lies.

Let’s start the review with the alleged CEO of this Tesler System – Mr Stephen Abahams. He, or rather the actor playing the part, claims to have been able to assemble a crack team of former Wall Street experts to devise an incredible trading formula that never loses a deal. Now we’ve head this claptrap countless times before, and quite frankly even by the appalling standards of binary scams this is really lazy! Allegedly Abrahams is now worth a third of a billion dollars! Indeed he’s such a philanthropist that he gives away half of his earnings and also invites selected new investors to join his system – each of whom he has made a millionaire.

The truth is that Abrahams is an actor who has presented a couple of other scams we’ve already exposed. It’s likely that the guy playing him has nothing to do with the scam in a practical sense, he just picks up a cheque for a day’s work while chucking his morality out the window. After a brief search it’s obvious that in reality there is no Stephen Abrahams – and you can bet that if there were not only he but also the Tesler App would be front page news well before now. Abrahams is merely a construct of the scammers imagination, nothing else – so don’t be fooled by his preposterous patter!

Why we think Tesler App is a Scam

The first thing we notice with this app is the weird name of Tesler for an app! We all know that Tesla is a car manufacturer. So anything more than this should be automatically ignored. But we see that the reason why this fraudster is using the name of Tesler app is to prey on the ignorance of some people. We know that the word Tesla is everywhere on the internet, even in the popular news websites.

So by coming up with this name, they were obviously hoping to prey on your ignorance by setting you up with any news piece related to Tesla and also praying so hard that you will never check the details to know that the news piece in question is talking about the car manufacturer and not some weird crap for a trading robot like Tesler App software.

We also observed that they used this trick to fool traders that this Tesler App scama has been mentioned on major financial magazines and journals such as Nasdaq and DrugMakers Jump when the reality is that these media outlets were referring to Tesla the car maker.

You now see how ignorant this guy called Mr. Steven Abraham is. This prompts us to look carefully into the so-called free offer to find out the real truth and also to expose this scam. Let’s check out some of the false promises made on the Tesler App website.

Who is the Owner of the Tesler App?

Let’s start your review by getting a better understanding of the Tesler App owner, Stephen Abraham. The founder and CEO is a self-proclaimed multi-millionaire, who is setting out to change lives. He even goes on to confide that he is known as Mr. Midas back on Wall Street, not only for his kind personality to help others but also for his insatiable love of money.

We have been in the check for rogue scammers with similar ploys like our Mr. Midas, and we have seen others before, purporting to be that selfless and money maniacs. What’s interesting is that this has likely become an effective tactic to winning innocent investors. Am talking about the “Mr. Midas” title here, so if this sounded like something special to you, well, I would tell you it is special among scammers, stay well clear.

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Profit Potential of the Tesler App System 

We love the way he emphasizes the term Lead patterns. He introduces us to the concept of Lead pattern, something that he never gets to explain until the video ends. This was supposed to explain how Tesler App Trading system works to produce hundreds of dollars a day. But this explanation sounds weird, and is not authentic. He claims that the Tesler App program relies on super fast satellite data transfer while analyzing 3 million market variables before entering a trade. Also, he emphasizes that the app will never enter a trade if all conditions have not been satisfied. In other words, he was claiming that this app has a success rate of 100%. Does this statement make sense? No way.

You see, one cannot make $5,000 a day with the Tesler App Investments. Get this out of your mind. Unless you want to be disappointed, there is no need of clinging to this lie. Secondly, this guy who claims to be the owner of Tesler App software is not worth $380m. He is just your average guy who uses rented property that is meant to create a suitable environment for acting. You do not want to follow someone whose details are not known. You also don’t want to follow someone who looks like a liar from the word go.

The Fake Tesler App Testimonials

These are indeed faked. After analyzing the details careful, we find that these testimonials too cannot be trusted. The one thing you should take note of is that these people are quoting some unrealistic amounts of profits made within a very short time. Something is suspicious here. And of course the pictures which you see on the Tesler App system website were stolen elsewhere on the internet. You can bet on the fact that their owners are not aware that their pictures are being used by fraudsters on the internet.

Conclusion :

we would like to remind you that we are dealing with high budget scam. However, the impostors reveal themselves with their crazy statements promising millions. Too good to be true offers must be avoided at all cost. No one will make you millionaire for free, so do not bait for this crap guys. If you invest real money with this system you`ll lose your capital. Investing with such shady service is not recommended!

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