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Option Bot 3.0 Review


OptionBot 3.0 is the third revised version of the world’s first Binary Options Trend Indicator. This software allows you to trade with 15 world currency pairs and also allows traders to identify profitable trades with comfort which makes the software a must have for every serious trader.

The software was released initially in 2012 and since then it has been on demand which resulted in the software being upgraded twice to meet the expectations of the growing demand.

If you want to clear all your doubts about the Option Bot 3.0 then make sure you go through this article and find out why Option Bot 3.0 is the only software you need to start a successful binary options trading career.

Website :

Option Bot 3.0 Review – Is Option Bot 3 a Scam Free Software?

The Option Bot 3.0 website is a well-moderated website which comes with the 60 Second Sniper Trades which is a trademark of the Option Bot 3.0 software. The Option Bot 3.0 allows you to set the PIP and Time Frame Parameters with the help of which you can identify market trends.

The software is quite straightforward and moreover, the 60 Second Sniper Trades being fast is a guaranteed High Yield Profit generating trading option which makes it a powerful trading software.

60 Second Sniper Trades? How does it work?

The Option Bot 3.0 gives you the opportunity to trade with the 60 Seconds Sniper Trade which is a remarkable trading option known only to be provided by this software.

The 60 second Sniper Trades is programmed to identify ‘resistance’ and ‘support’ trades and this algorithm is designed in such a way that you can also rely upon the reverse trades.

Now let me explain what actually are Resistance and Support which are nothing but tools to identify the right trade. Resistance is nothing but a point where a price cannot break past a ceiling. Support, on the other hand, is just the reverse of resistance.

This is of great help because it can help you identify the right trade signal. I suggest that you place a short term PUT trade when you encounter Resistance and place a short term CALL trade when you find Support. An example of these two trades is given on the website and you should refer to that to learn how to make the right trade.

The 60 Second Sniper Trade makes use of a highly advanced algorithm that can help you to identify these two trades. It is recommendable that you always go through the reference charts before you execute any kind of trades.

Available Assets

There are 15 available currency pairs with which you can make your trade using the Option Bot 3.0. These include AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/SGD, EUR/GBP, GBP/CHF, NZD/USD, USD/JPY, USD/TRY, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/RUB, and USD/ZAR.

With this amazing range of currency pairs you are left with many choices and this gives you an advantage.

Amazing Customer Service

The Option Bot 3.0 support team is really impressive and there is 24/7 service which you can make use of. There is live chat service which you can make use of to chat with the experts and learn about the system and clear all your doubts.

While many of the customer support from the automated trading software websites are not reliable at all the Option Bot 3.0 offers a very trustworthy service which is not like any other platform.

You can also register for the free demo which will be available to you once you sign up. This free demo is worth 25,000 Euro but the Option Bot 3.0 team is offering this for free.

Moreover, you can also practice trading on live markets before lunging into actual trading for real money.

Huge number of trading signals a day

The Option Bot 3.0 is a powerful software which will send you a huge number of trading signals per day. Although many trading robots will send you lots of trading signals a day they might not be always reliable signals to choose from.

The Option Bot 3.0 is designed in such a way that it will analyze the market trends for you and send you signals that are not just for the sake of it. This makes the Option Bot 3.0 a unique software which is reliable and a must have software for the trader who is serious into the binary options trading business.

Trend Settings

The Option Bot 3.0 is equipped with trend charts referring to which you can easily predict the profitable signals. You can also set the PIP and the Time Frame Parameters in order to get alerts to opportunities for trends like Upward Trend, Neutral Trend, and Downward Trend.

Once you are able to find out the trend status it will become easy for you to identify the right trade for you.

This software is not like any other random software

The Option Bot 3.0 is not like any other scam software which makes a debut every month and trick people. The software doesn’t claim to make you a millionaire overnight unlike any other website available and moreover, there are no such claims like 100% profit and success rate. This clearly proves that the developers of the Option Bot 3 is genuine and has no intention of stealing people’s money.

This is a very down to earth software which has no bad records and there are even no negative feedbacks about this software online which again makes it a trustworthy system

How to Register?

Registering yourself to the Option Bot 3.0 is easy and is nothing complicated. Just fill up the online registration form available at the right side of the website with your best email address.

You will then have to deposit a minimum of $250 in your trading account and start trading. Although the software is free this is just the minimum trading amount you need to have in your account to start trading.


Option Bot 3.0 is the best software with which you can start your binary options trading career. The software is everything you need to have a progressive income through trading and it is devoid of all sorts of nonsense which almost all those cheap online fraudsters use to attract traders who are new to binary options.

If you were looking for the right robot for binary options trading then Option Bot 3.0 is all I have in my mind. Just register yourself online and start trading with this software as it is easy and versatile and will give you a world class experience which is much more advanced than any other software.

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