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Code Fibo Software Review

Code Fibo Software Review TBOR

Summary: Fibonacci Strategies Generate Weekly $7000 With Cutting-Edge Technology!



The Code Fibo Software is an interesting Binary Options trading system that has drawn our attention. We have got tons of emails from our  valued readers if this Code Fibo System is legit or a Scam. Therefore, we did a thorough analysis of the Code Fibo System and found that it actually can generate a good profit.

The amazing combination of crowd behavior and Fibonacci retracements and expansions are making this service one of the most sophisticated and powerful auto-trading solutions of 2016.

Website :

Well, who doesn’t know Prof. Matthew Lewis, a university professor, famous business magnet, trading prodigy, philanthropist? Everyone wants to become like him, but there is a problem, not everyone works like him. Keeping that in mind a software is designed which would help people earn huge money by copying or following Prof. Matthew Lewis’s methodologies.

Facts about Prof. Matthew Lewis:

  1. Lewis has a passive approach towards trading and investing. Instead of always having a peep at the money charts, Lewis lays down and works with his knowledge.
  2. Lewis never makes a related investment decision while he is emotional like in stress or fear.
  3. The Lewis is a math genius, and he calculates everything with proper dimensions in his mind with effective and calculated thought.

Code Fibo Review – Scam Software or Trusted:

CodeFibo Software is a binary options system which is grabbing a lot of interest throughout the world because of its make easy money features. Prof. Matthew Lewis found it. Prof. Matthew Lewis is a software developer, and he had worked in Silicon Valley in the past. He started trading and lost as much as $ 75,000 while doing so. Then he understood that the real way to get successful is to copy the experts in the market either it be any field.

He thought of idea taking this idea into a more practical way and thus created a product Code Fibo Software. He made this software based on algorithms and methodologies of Prof. Matthew Lewis for making money.

The Advantages of CodeFibo Software

  • Trading strategies explained

With Code Fibo software, the process of making profits is explained. You are not getting some dumb explanation concerning the strategies it uses to make you $500 a day.

  • We don’t have Fake Testimonials on the CodeFibo Website

Unlike scam software that have found place on the internet, Code Fibo has not placed their website with unreal testimonials and fake positive reviews of people claiming to have changed their lives with their signals.

What we are getting from the user testimonials and reviews section is not exaggerated. No one is saying how they are making $1,000 on a consistent basis. All the outrageous claims of typical scams have not appeared on the main page of Code Fibo software. This makes us believe in this system as the ultimate App for binary options investing.

  • Legit Intro Video

Most scams tend to hide behind voice overs. However, in our research to try and prove the credibility of Albert, we discovered that he was a real person engaging in binary options matters.

He is the one presenting this software in the introduction video. You can clearly see him there, plus our review and research indicates that he is the same face appearing on other profiles on the internet. He has given us enough reasons to trust him anyway.

  • Decent Website

He has managed to put up a professional and decent website typical of someone who is serious about this trade. All information he is giving in relation to Code Fibo system doesn’t contradict time-sensitive data concerning this App.

How the CodeFibo App Works?

According to the information exposed the software is using two very powerful analysis tools and they call this strategy Fibonacci Arbitrage. The algorithm gathers and analyses two types of data.

Fibonacci retracements and expansions are providing the algorithm with few important details!

  1. Confirms the trend / reversal!
  2. Points the highest probability trading areas!
  3. Provides a strike rate and expiries!
  4. Gives potential market exit levels!

Second algorithm is the trader’s sentiment. The algorithm is gathering and analyzing crowd position data. Knowing in advantage what’s the investors current demand is one of the most essential and in the same time important aspects of all fundamental analysis. Similar to the Fibonacci the sentiment is giving additional confirmation and inside information:

  1. Confirms the market swings!
  2. Gives inside information how strong the movement will be according to the trading volumes and interest!
  3. Provides information when to get off the markets, accordingly again to the volume of supply and demand

For More See Fibonacci And The Golden Ratio.

How To Buy? – Click To Buy Code Fibo

Many of us often search for best ways to make huge money trading. In spite of searching for hours or days together, we will not be able to figure out the way to make money trading. We find it a complicated thing and get into a dilemma.

In such a context Code Fibo can be handy for most of the people. It can be set to automatic or semi-automatic mode while using it, making it easy for us to work on trading. This software aims to provide the same tactics and tricks for trading and making a passive income by trading like Prof. Matthew Lewis.

It doesn’t give you a Billionaire overnight, or it can’t guarantee the earnings like Prof. Matthew Lewis, but in fact, there will be a success rate so far experienced by binary options. It is certainly taking over the turn to provide the best product in the market.

Features of Code Fibo Software:

  • Free for 1st month:
    There is much other software available in the market which claims that they are available for free, but they will eat away all the money which we will make, leaving nothing for us. Instead of making money people lose more and later regret using such scams. But Code Fibo Software will not cheat you in any way and grab your money. Good things don’t come for free so, this software would later take 5% of what we make giving us 95% which is the good thing.
  • Automatic trades:
    CodeFibo Software supports more than 400 automatic trades within 24 hours. Though such a feature is doubtful, it is a tested thing, and it promises us with the automated trades.
    Even some of us were unable to believe it at first but after testing it, we found that it is a genuine one. That means we will be able to make the profit each day for sure.
  • Code Fibo Real Support:
    Most of the other trading software available are so unreal that they don’t even keep a column for support. But in Code Fibo Software everyone has a 24/7 support every day where users can ask any questions and solve their queries.
    It has lived support which addresses our issues when we get any doubts at any moment.
  • Widespread:
    CodeFibo Software is available throughout the world which gives an added advantage. But it is not available in some countries like Nigeria, Uganda. It has made its software available across the world to help people with trading and make money.

Conclusion On The Code Fibo Review :

Definitely something unseen so far, and very interesting!  The promotional page is okay, and you cannot find any unrealistic or misleading content. Moreover, probably the most important fact is that this trading software is 100% endorsed by the financial niche.

Usually we are dealing with badly performed money stealing schemes, that promises the world on silver platter! Or, systems that often turn to be good at the start due to their algo-trading patterns but eventually they drop the accuracy in few days or weeks. The Codefibo APP is different because it’s based on two reliable and proved over the decades trading methods, who can handle all types of markets conditions!

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