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QBITS Mega Profit Review


In our Qbits Mega Profit Review, we talk about all trading possibilities this binary system offers. Traders can start profiting after they register for free. According to Qbits website, this is binary software that trades on behalf of traders and they don’t need to know anything about binary options to trade with Qbits. Automated trading has become extremely popular and it finally opened door to people that have no experience with financial trading and stock exchange market. Binary trading allows high incomes that attract traders around the world. Traders have a variety of choices and Qbits is one of those binary algo robots that enabled trading without binary experience. Read more about QBITS Mega Profit in the text below.

WHAT IS QBITS Mega Profit?

As we have already said Qbits is a binary robot that trades with different assets on several financial markets and makes highly successful profits to its traders. Most binary systems trade similarly, they have integrated mathematical and financial algorithms that calculate the financial movement of the certain asset. Traders who register with Qbits don’t need to bother with complicated financial analysis to calculate binary signals on their own. This is the advantage of this system, it is oriented towards the simple trading structure that enables inexperienced people to make profits. Basically, traders skip very demanding task that can take them in the wrong direction if they don’t have knowledge about financial analysis. QBITS Mega Profit automatically researches the financial market and after its algorithms generate signals, it places trades for its clients automatically.

Is QBITS a Scam?

A binary option trading is by nature just as risky as any other types of financial trading or investing. While utilizing automated trading systems or binary options brokers can be a bit risky, as any other type of trading, these systems are not scams. It is important, though, that traders pay close attention to the Terms and Conditions of the system they are using to place trades in order to be sure of all of the terms, benefits and conditions of that particular automated trading system.

How Much Does QBITS Cost?

There is no cost to register an account with the QBITS Mega Profit System. However, before you can begin trading there is a deposit required. This deposit will be the funds that you use for trading binary options. Also, once you create an account, you will be eligible for different types of cash bonuses. These bonuses will give you additional funds to use in your future trading endeavors.

How Does QBITS Work?

The automated system will scan the market system for profitable investments and place the trades on behalf of the traders within a matter of milliseconds. This provides both accurate and fast trade equations, which obviously increases the chances of profitable trades.


Binary options are based on simple approach and it is acceptable for beginners and experienced traders too. This advantage has led development binary robots in different directions which gave a lot more options to traders. Most binary robots are based on several mathematical and financial algorithms that calculate binary signals. Basic binary signals are calculated with vertical or horizontal bits of information and then implemented in binary robots. Some binary bots are based on real human traders that generate binary signals manually, without algorithms but using financial indicators for their predictions. Both methods have some advantages and disadvantages and the main difference between QBITS Mega Profit and other binary systems are algorithms.

QBITS Mega Profit is based and calculated on both vertical and horizontal bits of information, which makes it 3,600 times faster than any other binary software on the market. This novelty has increased Qbits algo system to run faster and predict faster, with 97.5% of accuracy.


In our Qbits review, we have registered to test this software for our traders. The website offers simple registration form where we had to enter our name and email address to continue. After that, a new page has opened and asked us to fill our phone number to activate Qbits account.

Registration with Qbits is really simple and traders can reach trading platform after just a few seconds. Qbits will immediately and automatically create an account with IvoryOption broker. This way traders can avoid manual registration with the broker.

How to Get Started with QBITS?

● Sign Up – To get started simply sign up for free account. It’s fast and easy.

● Start Trading and Earning Profits – Once you have created an account, you simply choose your parameters for the types of trades you wish to execute. This included choosing which assets you wish to invest in and how much money you are willing to trade on each. Once you have set up your personal preferences, the trading bot will begin searching for signals and initiating trades, even when you are not logged into the system.

● Withdraw Your Profits – Once you start earning profits, you will be able to withdraw the funds from your account according to the terms and conditions provided.

Special Features of QBITS

QBITS, like most automated trading robots, has special features to assist their clients in fine-tuning their trading strategies so they can improve their chances at earning profits. These include details on how to set specific limits on the amount of funds invest per day and per trade, as well as other settings for improving their overall results. However, these techniques are better suited for experienced traders who are looking to advance their skill set.


We haven’t found more brokers to register with, except IvoryOption broker. This may bother traders with more trading experience who wanted to diversify their trades by trading with more brokers. According to the John Hart’s video presentation, even with one broker, traders can make profits up to $60,000 in one month. The amount depends on market opportunities, but profits are guaranteed, according to the stories of Qbits traders. We couldn’t see Qbits trading platform because Qbits wants you to deposit first. According to the Qbits website and John hart, traders who decide to register with Qbits won’t need to do anything, except check on their trading results. Trading with this system promises high profits and it has a potential. We just don’t like the fact that traders could not check the appearance of a trading platform before they make a deposit. Qbits could work on that in future because we are sure traders will be happy to test and see all trading features.

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