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Published on October 28th, 2016 | by TBOR


IQoption Robot Review


We have recently reviewed new broker for our traders. This detailed article will provide information about IQoption Robots feature that will ensure the unique trading experience for traders who have dived into binary options world. IQoption is considered as a popular and trustworthy broker and if you want to find out more general information, read our IQoption broker review here.

How to Start Using IQoption Robots?

Before you begin using IQoption Robots feature, traders have to open IQoption trading account if they don’t have it or they can activate the feature on existing account. The great advantage of IQoption is that traders are allowed to practice on a demo account first. Demo account is always useful because it helps users test trading platform and invest without making any risks.

You can start trading IQoption Robots here!

It is simple to start trading with IQoption. Traders are welcome to choose a robot that is already made by other traders, or they can start creating their own robot. IQoption Robots has the purpose of copying trades and it is the unique solution for binary trading. The creating wizard offers traders to choose preferred settings and it allows to create personalized robot.

Choose IQoption Robots From Catalogue

This is an easier option that is more convenient for trading newbies. Traders without much experience don’t know how to set up their robot so choosing from catalog could be a better option for them. IQoption Robots catalog offers to choose robots by different filters. Filters offer to choose from different option types, period, percentages and assets. Traders just need to click on Run Robot button and they can start customizing their robots. Every IQoption Robots can be tested before actual trading. Those who want, can skip a testing period, and start trading instantly.

Start creating your IQoption Robots here!

Backtesting Capability:

Another important feature about IQ Robots is, It has auto backtesting capability that is so useful for every robots user. So if you would like to test your strategy in the previous timeframe, this is also possible in IQoption Robots. I personally tested a strategy. Though I don’t use any robots in my personal trading. But I did only to inform you about it.
Design Your Own IQoption Robots!

This amazing feature also allows traders to begin developing their own trading robot. If you have more trading experience or just want to develop something unique, IQoption let you basically build your own trading robot.

This feature has two options – one is for pure newbies and it is named Wizard and other is for traders who have more knowledge and experience in binary trading. We like this approach since IQoption wants to provide their services to both new and experienced traders at the same time.

Let us explain how to continue developing your first IQoption Robots via Wizard option:

This is really a user-friendly system that won’t need much effort. IQoption has prepared various options and tools you can use while constructing the robot. First of all, traders will choose the trading strategy, that can be already prepared or they can personalize it according to their preferences. Next step is to set up trading settings for the robot. The third phase is testing, which is great because traders can check how their IQoption Robots trades without investing real funds. If they are satisfied with all settings, traders can publish their settings and start trading for real.
Testing a robot before will help traders to understand how real market conditions work and they can improve their success rates. The testing phase is equal to real trading and traders can simply follow their robot and learn from every placed trade.

Before publishing the robot settings, traders need to make a name for their IQoption Robots and describe its features. It is important to say that name and description should be attractive and informative so other traders can find it as valuable and trade with it too. To motivate traders, IQoption also awards its traders if they have managed to develop the precise and successful robot.

It is delightful to see how broker gives the same opportunity to both newbies and experienced traders. You don’t need to be trading guru to build your own robot – try IQoption Robots feature and start modifying your robot!

IQoption Robots Constructor Mode

IQoption Constructor mode is more suitable for traders that are experienced binary trading before. It is considered that experienced traders know which trading strategies and indicators they want to use. Some of the available indicators are ATR, RSI, MACHD, Stochastic etc.

Traders can pick different trends for their IQoption Robots: Envelope, SSMA, Alligator, Bollinger, SMA and other. There are also different trading indicators that can be implemented in IQoption construction mode. All these indicators are researching the market using different tools you will choose.

Constructor mode allows traders to choose between already prepared robot scheme, or they can just start all over and make their own. IQoption has supported Robot development with video tutorials that will be helpful for both beginners or experienced traders. Videos provide step by step guides and they will help you in every part of development.

Construction mode asks for deeper understanding of all trading indicators. It is not possible to create a successful trading robot if you don’t know anything about certain indicator. Traders must be informed about all types of mathematical tools and aspects of indicators that work together.

Create your IQoption Robots now!


We want to clear that if you start trading with IQoption Robots and create your own robot there, it is not private and other traders can use your robot too. You can use this opportunity and do the same thing too. IQoption has given traders the opportunity to choose between creating or using already prepared versions of robots. If you decide to use someone’s robot, you need to be sure to find the one that gives good trading results.

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